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s3cmd timeout problems moving large files on S3 (> 250MB)

19 Mar

Recently we had a problem with s3cmd giving errors while moving or copying (large) files across buckets in S3. This had worked fine perfectly before, but our file sizes were increasing.

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Gentle Introduction to HBase II – Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) HBase Cluster

26 Nov

Below is a WYSIWYG tutorial on how to set up a HBase cluster (and Thrift) on Amazon’s Elastic Map Reduce.

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Gentle Introduction to HBase Part I – Data Structure

13 Nov

In this post (hopefully the first of more), I hope to provide a gentle introduction to HBase (since I never had one myself!) This specific post is more about the specifics of HBase’s data structure, but I hope to do more posts introducing HBase programming using a combination of HBase on Amazon’s Elastic Map Reduce (I like to call it Amazon’s HAAS or HBase-as-a-Service) and Python using the HappyBase library (this offers a really easy interface to the HBase Thrift interface.)

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Using Amazon/AWS Glacier with Python boto

16 Oct

Amazon’s Glacier is a fairly new AWS service for low-cost storage/backups. But there is little documentation on how to actually use it.

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s3cmd IAM problem and solving it

19 Sep

I had a problem with the popular s3cmd application and IAM permissions, and was able to solve it.

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Graphical comparison of Amazon AWS EC2 instances’ CPU (cores), memory, cost

19 Jul

A graphical comparison of the various Amazon EC2 instances, based on CPU (cores), memory and cost. This includes the just announced hi1.4xlarge High I/O EC2 instances.

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GeoIP on Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) using Hadoop Streaming (Python)

23 Apr

I wanted to be able to run geo-data calculations on Amazon Elastic Map Reduce using Hadoop streaming jobs – particularly in Python. While we cannot easily install required Python dependencies, this problem can be solved by using the cacheArchive feature of Hadoop.

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