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PHP: Compare time for summation and sorting across large runs

7 May
A little while back, I wrote a PHP script to generate a random set of large arrays and both summate them across one dimenion, and sort them.

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Disabling author name on WPTouch / WordPress

24 Jul

WPTouch enables you to disable/hide the author name in the main index page through the options, but how do you do so on the post pages?

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Testing Distribution of Random Number Generation in PHP

26 Jun

How to test the distribution of your random number generator function. Example provided in PHP.

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PHP MySQL script to create table, insert test entries

29 Mar

Sometimes I need to set up a database/table in MySQL for just testing a few things, and its not that easy to do manually (especially for a large number of entries). So I wrote a quick PHP script to actually do this work for me.

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YAML to MySQL (yaml2sql) Script in PHP

23 Feb

I often find myself having to prototype code and create database tables that I restructure often. I needed a tool to quickly generate MySQL database table structures without my having to manually write the CREATE TABLE statements myself.

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Creating & Deleting Amazon RDS MySQL Instances – AWS SDK & PHP

30 Jan

I have to sometimes automatically stand up (create) and shut down temporary MySQL instances in order to run some scripts and commands on them. Instead of having to keep an instance running forever, I was able to make sure of Amazon’s RDS service for cloud MySQL instances, using its AWS SDK in PHP. Continue reading

Creating an Amazon EC2 instance using the PHP SDK

11 Jan

Recently I had to write a script in PHP to start up a EC2 instance and then return its hostname. I used the AWS PHP SDK for this. Continue reading