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Simple web framework for web-based CRUD: Ajax CRUD

1 Jul

I’ve been looking for a while now for a web-based CRUD tool that is simple and works “out of the box” and allows me a simpler way to access data than use phpMyAdmin.

I thought CakePHP was the answer, but – as powerful as it is – it is hard to set up, especially on the restricted 1and1 accounts that I have on which .htaccess files tend to require some work.

I found this beautiful tool called Ajax CRUD – its simple, but enables an easy, AJAX based interface to CRUD functions for your database tables. In fact, it can even do more complicated stuff such as filtering the columns, and some other things.

Sidenote: Among other things, I was looking at the Bazaar source control system for some software that apparently can be checked out only using Bazaar. I’m trying to set it up in Eclipse as well, but not too successfully…