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XPath for accessing Flickr’s popular tags

9 May

I was finally able my parsing of my Flickr-based project to use XPath instead of iterating through nests of XML elements to get at the daily, weekly and all-time popular tags on Flickr’s most popular tags page.

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Flickr Popular Tags page parsing using Java – update

30 Apr

In my last post on parsing Flickr popular tags I had discussed converting the Flickr page HTML to XML (using Tidy on the command line) and then using the Java XML APIs to get a Document that I could parse.

But I was able to find some sample code of how to use Tidy (jTidy) to parse HTML and return a Document, so I have changed my code as follows…

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Parsing Flickr’s Popular Tags page

23 Apr

For my Visual Databases course (again), one of my project goals is to be able to parse Flickr’s most popular tags page, save the results over the course of a few days, and check the variation of the popular tags with time. And on my Windows desktop…

OK, here is what I did.
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