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Real Time Video Analytics Using Hadoop and HBase

25 Jun

I recently attended the HBaseCon 2013 conference and talked about building a real-time video analytics platform using Hadoop and HBase.

My presentation is embedded below:



More information about HBaseCon 2013 here: http://blog.cloudera.com/blog/2013/06/the-hbasecon-2013-afterglow/

Gentle Introduction to HBase II – Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) HBase Cluster

26 Nov

Below is a WYSIWYG tutorial on how to set up a HBase cluster (and Thrift) on Amazon’s Elastic Map Reduce.

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Gentle Introduction to HBase Part I – Data Structure

13 Nov

In this post (hopefully the first of more), I hope to provide a gentle introduction to HBase (since I never had one myself!) This specific post is more about the specifics of HBase’s data structure, but I hope to do more posts introducing HBase programming using a combination of HBase on Amazon’s Elastic Map Reduce (I like to call it Amazon’s HAAS or HBase-as-a-Service) and Python using the HappyBase library (this offers a really easy interface to the HBase Thrift interface.)

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